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  • It was 1992 when Gun FM 97, Ankara's first private radio station, started to broadcast from a building at Sokullu Caddesi, Dikmen. Gun FM was banned in Spring of 1993 together with the other pioneer private radio stations (click here for the last moments of Gun FM 97 in RealAudio format) and then reopened in Fall '93. Gun FM (November 4, 1992 - January 5, 1995) is currently not on the air.
  • The first non-Ankara based station broadcasting to the city was Show Radyo. Show Radyo was originally playing non-Turkish tracks from 88.8 Mhz.
  • The day private radios were banned in Spring of '93, a buzz voice on 99.5 Mhz took attention: This is Capital Radio, testing from London!
  • Within the first month after the private radios got their freedom back, the number of stations in Ankara were more than tripled. The new start changed lots of things, including Gun FM's frequency from 97 to 96.8 Mhz. (Metro FM of Istanbul acted early and reserved 97.2 Mhz.)
  • The first news-oriented station was Radyo Anadolu 103.7, the voice of Anatolian News Agency.
  • Ankara's first export was Capital Radio 99.5 started to broadcast in Istanbul from the same frequency.
  • The first university FM station was Radyo ODTU 103.1 broadcasting from the Middle East Technical University. It was spring of '95.
  • June 1996: The first Turkish radio station to broadcast live via internet was Radyo ODTU!

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