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AWARDS 2000 2000 vote results are in!

From December 10, 2000 to January 31, 2001 our visitors cast their votes online for their favorite radio stations for best design, best content, and best technical support award categories. To check out who the winners are, just click inside.

Since our debut on the net (that was around 5 years ago), many things have changed on our side. The new URL, partnership with Creatonic Network, introduction of the first annual Viewers' Choice Awards, our increased recognition and enhanced content... but thanks to our thousands of visitors from all over the world, we still continue to reflect the latest information on the Turkish radio broadcasting industry. As we always state, our vision is to support the overall music industry in Turkey by contributing to the development of the individual radio broadcasting businesses. And it's been great to see that we are not alone, as many of you share the same enthusiasm.

Every day, we receive many correspondences from people who care about Turkish radio stations. And we keep enjoying the pleasure of serving and guiding you on what we love..

This is a quite diverse site with multiple aims. Hopefully, you will learn about many facts and recent developments, and entertain yourself by listening to various Turkish stations via internet. We also expect you to teach us a lot, too (that's why we give away free CDs.)

We believe you'll find more than what you're looking for at this site. You may check out what we offer by simply reviewing the menu presented on the left. They keep improving and may change at any time, as we keep adding new radio sites, streaming more files and adding different contents. You may best learn about our recent content additions and current news from the Turkish radio stations from our continuously updated section marked "Worldwide News".

Vide killed the radio start...not!
One of the common complaints of our visitors from Australia, Americas, Europe and even from Africa was about the non-availability of powerful live internet broadcasts from the stations that play mostly Turkish content. We agree with all of your comments and hope that this site might be effective in passing your needs on to the operators in Turkey. We believe, more Turkish radio stations will debut on the net, improve their looks and transmit their voice via internet successfully as we keep reminding them there is someone waiting.

Radio, someone still loves you.

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